After almost a year developing Wounded Wear's new strategic plan, we launched the beginning stages of the new coalition, our new pilot program, our commitment to work with any and all vetted organizations to help warriors find Purpose and Peace.  Wounded Wear proudly presents The Combat Wounded Coalition.  While the demand for clothing kits continues to grow, we recognize that combat-wounded warriors have evolving needs. We have strategically expanded our mission to better support the current and forecasted needs of combat-wounded warriors. Our new expanded mission rests upon the Pillars of Pride, Power, Purpose, and Peace. While we have been executing our prior missions of Pride through the clothing, and Power through Jumping for a Purpose, we recognize that Combat-wounded veterans experience the different stages of healing on their own timelines and that it is critical to assist them find the two most critical elements - Purpose and Peace.

Wounded Wear was the foundation. The clothing is the gateway, but it is merely the beginning.  We now have to help guys to the end and the future of this relies on the brotherly love that built Wounded Wear into what we are today and that will carry us into the future. It will rely on the support of every person out there, every American across this country, as volunteers, as sponsors, as donors, as non-profits supporting combat wounded warriors and for-profits looking to employ and assist combat wounded warriors. We must build a coalition to achieve success.

The VA can’t do it alone. One organization can’t do it alone. One individual can’t do it alone.

The Combat Wounded Coalition is committed to help combat-wounded warriors re-instill Pride they once had, attain Power they need to surge forth, discover Purpose in their new lives, and ultimately, find Peace.In addition, the Combat Wounded Coalition strives to reshape the common misperception of wounded warriors as damaged goods. We are survivors. We are leaders. We will overcome. We are the future of America. We are the Combat Wounded Coalition. Are you  ready?  Have you joined the Coalition?